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Does anyone still follow me on this blog? unknown. Talons is done, all my friends have moved on (and rightly so, looking at my old posts here killed me a little) but I have to know. If I keep posting here, on my TALONS legacy, will anyone see it? Will current TALONS see it in their feed? Will old TALONS who are still subscribed here get notifications?

Will I be disturbing teachers from their actual work???

in the wise words of Ryan, “post it and find out”

Op-Ed: Police Equality/Police Brutality



Hello, children. Today Imma teach you about a lil something called police racism, and police brutality. First of all, let’s take a look the political cartoon I drew, as shown above. It portrays an RCMP officer holding a sign saying “Police: here for your freedom and rights”, but the word “rights” has been replaced with the word “whites”. This comic was actually based off a joke my and my friend made. We were discssing Aboriginals and police, and how even today there is still intense racism towards Aboriginals. They are caricatured as drunk, violent, dirty criminals, and a lot of the police treatment they receive reflects that view of them. In some regions, police would take any drunk Aboriginals tehy would find and drive them to the edge of town, forcing them to walk home in freezing winter weather, called “starlight tours” by the locals. This resulted in the death of three men in Saskatoon, and the police showing no remorse.

It’s the things like this that make me really doubt Canada’s sparkling reputation. Sure, we like to paint ourselves as the lily-white friendly neighbors of the Rude Americans, but no one wants to talk about the amount of racism and problems that Canada holds. Police equality? More like police brutality.

In-depth Post 7: *vague screaming in the distance*

Sometimes I look at the titles of other people’s blog posts, and wonder if I should try something akin to being professional.

So, its the second to last (or last, depending) blog post of indepth this year. AS my title shows, there’s just a liiiitle but of stress that goes along with this part of the year. Due to AprilMayJune, and Musical Theater, I haven’t really had much free time nowadays. And by that, I mean I’ve been at school till 8 4/7 days this week. Haha, fun.

Nowadays, my indepth i mostly planning and working on my final presentation. I’ve started by narrowing down my options and clarifying exactly what I want to do. I’ve definitely decided on a media presentation instead of a learning center, and I have all the photos I need and the information, it’s just  a matter of sitting down and GETTING IT DONE. That’s usually the part I have trouble with.

I talked a bit with Scott about the presentation and Indepth Night, if he’d want to come, how much I can say about him, etc. He’s pretty cool with information, (he can’t make the night itself sadly) but he mentioned to me in our last session some proper terminology to use for the presentation and such. I will do a big shoutout to him during the speaking part of my presentation (which I am purposefully not saying too much about, so as not to ruin the surprise, mwahahahaha)

De Bono talks about interrupting, and attitude. Back during sessions with my mentor, interrupts weren’t much of a problem, as he was usually giving me instructions and if I stopped him, I’d usually miss something important. The only time interruptions were necessary were when I couldn’t hear properly, or wanted to clarify a hand or foot position. As for attitude, Scott was always energized but calm during lessons, while I was extremely nervous. There was always a lot of energy, be it from the aura of circus in the room or the adrenaline from doing tricks.

Now the only thing I have left to do for my project is a short, less then 5 minutes presentation

. . . who wants to bet I won’t start it until may 21st.






The Internet Adventures of Louis Riel




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Louis Riel’s Final Address

People of the Metis, hear me!

It has been two years. Two years have I watched my settlement be ground to dust. Two years since we have been overrun by the nationalistic, racist, religious views of the white men who have come to stay. Two years since they! joined as a country, and cut us off. Unity, protection, better resources for all, and a chance to be free! That was their offer. Look around. How ahs that worked for you?

My people, I know your fears. I know we do not own the claim to this land in the way the white men want. You fear their surveys, of them taking what is yours.But fear not.

My father’s legacy was one of freeing one man, a single Metis from prison; a single move that lead you to respect him. but that will not be mine!

My legacy will be of freeing a people. A nation that has been too long oppressed, and ignored. They tell me my pleas have been heard a thousand times before, but is that not that point? It has been too long, too long since our land was taken from us, our languages, our rightful place. Do you think the government will listen to us? They think us a joke.

But hear me now. You will not see us until it is too late.

“Dear diary, The world is hell. Unjust and cruel. I had found love. Her name was Marie and she was sweet as the meadows of my home. I would have married her. But alas her parents didn't approve of my Metis blood and broke it off. I was heartbroken. My law career seems cold and dark, so I abandoned my dreams. As I worked at my new jobs I wrote many poems about her and how much I loved her but she would not have me back. Alas, this new tragedy has only increased my hate for the white man. I hear of changes coming, the white men entering Metis land. That is what irks me the most, that they disrespect our cultures and our rules because we do not assimilate to their ideals. They believe we need a government when we have ruled ourselves for many years, without problem!! My hometown of Red River is next on the list. I have chosen to visit there within the next months, since the city dulls me and drives me home. There is talks of surveys in the lands, a most worrying fact. WE do not holds claims to our lands as the pale ones do. If they attempt to take it from us, I have no doubt we will retaliate with force. Seeing as war is the only language these whitefaces seem to understand. The nuns told me I was too "unpredictable" and "moody" to be a priest. Might as well put those to good use now.”

– Diary of Louis Riel: Teenage Minx to YA Jinx

All Things Must End

Wow, a serious title for tonight. You can tell I mean business.

So, my classes are officially over. In order to prepare and document my last days, I rented some cameras from the school, taught my mom how to use multiple shot, and essentially took thousands of photos. I’m trying to do a fancy tech thing with them for in-depth night, and seeing as I basically have until in-depth night to do it, I should be good.

My last class went pretty well. We had the most people we’ve ever had in a class, since it’s normally me, Brad, and Chloe. Today, we had Mikayla and Nara too, so things went a bit slower. Scott usually has me warm up with my angel sequence, and I have now perfected the Bird’s Nest in the Ropes move, which is a serious point of pride for me. I worked on my Plank position, another move I had first learned in silks, and and then this move which, to be honest, I have no clue what it’s called. The only thing I know is that its hard, and I could do it for about ten seconds. It’s pretty similar to the Lune, but with a different hand position.

Some of the concepts me and my mentor have discussed are “in the ropes” which is a specific type of moves which only use the ropes, not the swing. Another one is the concept of art in trapeze, since it is a performance based sport. Tricks are one thing, but to actually string them together into a performance is something else entirely.

Some alternatives we’ve discussed are taking another course, like silks or static trapeze, that could add to my skills while trying new things.

Easyyyy, right?!

This week’s title is a bit of a joke with myself. My mentor, Scott, has a habit of making me do insanely difficult tricks where I am convinced I can’t do them, then as soon as I finish them, he calls out “Easy, right?”. It’s the kind of tone that would make me roll my eyes at him if I wasn’t gasping for breath and upside down.

So, week five has arrived. As promised, I have brought photos but seeing how hard it is to load them here, I have started a . . . dun dun dun . . . Flickr Account! Of course, I can’t upload alllll the photos there, as it would ruin my Big Indepth Surprise (ooh capital letters… so mysterious).

Things to look forward too: since I have a bit of time in spring break, I’m planning to do a video of my whole stretching routine which is what I do every time I go to circus, and before I exercise (which I have not been documenting very well. Shame on me.).

So, circus has been picking up, seeing as I have one class left. Yikes! While I’m excited to have my Tuesday nights back, trapeze is such a fun and active sport that I’m really going to miss. Luckily, I’ll have another two full months to spend staring at photos of it and doing fancy technology things (yes, another hint at my final project).

Last week’s class was what we call an “exciting” class. I believe last week you heard me talk about the pullover, which Scott had to literally pull me through. Well this week, after I finally mastered the move, he decided to take it a step further. For this move, I did a drop down behind the bar, caught it in my hands, then on the next swing did a pullover, then landed so I was balancing myself on the bar with my hips, then let go with my hands. It’s called a hip balance sequence, and it is terrifying.

The second hard move was the Bird’s Nest in the ropes. Now, a basic bird’s nest is an easy trick that I learned last year. For in the ropes, however, you have to stand on the bar, grab the ropes tight, then just jump up and flip so that you are upside down, holding on with your hands, and you feet resting on the ropes.

When he mentioned this, my brain started chanting “oh no oh no oh no i am going to fall and crack my head open“. This was one of the last tricks of the day, so my arms were sore and shaking, my hands in pain, and I was ninety percent sure my arms would give out and I would land, head-first, on the bar. It took me two false attempts, a good five minutes of standing on the bar freaking out, and then promptly getting stuck upside down, but I finally managed. It was ungraceful, to say the least, and when Scott said “Easy, right?” I was practically going to lunge at him,  but I did the trick. I guess there’s something to say for perseverance.

Referring to De Bono’s work, Scott uses a lot of green hat, white hat, and black hat when he’s instructing me. White hat, which is straight information and facts, is how he teaches and explains moves to me. He’ll name them, how to do them, and what to remember. Green hat, the creative hat, is important in circus because it is an art that can/must be manipulated according to each person. When I ask if I can change a move because it hurts my arms, or he asks me to do moves in a certain sequence because it’s prettier, we use green hat. Scott also uses black hat, which is critical thinking and judging information. Since this hat is about safety, and trapeze requires harness and a lot of trust between the acrobat and the belayer, he is constantly watching me too see if I have the strength, understanding, and energy to do each move. He knows when to push me harder, and when to lay off a little.

Until the next death-defying experience, ciao.