Well tonight was the night I finally talked with my mentor- well, kind of mentor seeing as the teachers at the classes I’m taking will be serving as my mentors. But anyway, I’m super happy because we talked, and he sounds really cool and funny and he’s so happy to help with the in-depth project. We talked on the phone today, and since he is really busy (he runs the circus school I’m attending), but he was really interested in the idea of TALONS and said that he would mention me at the staff meeting tomorrow and then they would talk about who would be a good mentor (depending on what I wanted to learn, so If i wanted to learn from a performer, a teacher, someone who specializes in a certain area).

Now, for the questions:

  • What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

Well, we were both pretty excited and into the topic. Also, he was really nice about it, since I was being kind of awkward since I’m not always too good at meeting new people but he seemed to understand and offered to help me find a proper mentor and recommend what classes I should take.

  • What logical challenges affected your communication?

Since he’s very busy and lives in New West, we were only able to talk on the phone, and I know meeting face to face would be easier. Next time I talk to him, since we have limited time, I’m going to make a list of topics and questions I have to ask him so I can be prepared.

  • What three strategies could improve the quality of your mentoring interactions?

The first thing would be taking the time and effort to meet in person. The second would be to work on my conversational skills, since apparently I lack in them. The third will be finding an area to focus on the next time we meet so our discussions can be more useful.