My first try unicycling
My first try unicycling

So, while at an Intro to circus class I took over spring break, I managed to sprain my thumb. Not only did I sprain it badly, I didn’t even sprain it doing trampoline or silks or something interesting, I sprained it during the first ten minutes of warm-up while playing a game called “Bunnies and Bears”. Basically, I was doing a bear crawl when an older man happened to trip and fall on my shoulder, forcing my thumb out at an unnatural angle. I still did the class, but the sprain meant I couldn’t attend my spring break camp. Bit disappointing. But, in return, I have the long-awaited videos of me failing amusingly to ride a unicycle.

Unfortunately, my blog will only allow me to post about 10-second long videos, so I can’t post my real first attempt, but it went something like this:

Unicycle- First Run

I had to hold on to the railing the whole time and couldn’t go more then 2 feet without falling.

By the end of the hour and a half, I had kinda gotten the hang of it, and here’s my best run that I got on video. I had some better ones but they didn’t get taped.

Unicycling- Best Run

You have to open the videos in a new tab, sorry. But there it is: my beautifully embarrassing unicycling lessons.