My dear papa,

You would not believe what my horrid husband has done this time! Not only has he taken my whole dowry, all half-million livres, he has dragged me Bordeaux, in the center of France. He is really un homme horrible! The only good that has come form this arrangement has been my presentation to the King and Queen. You did teach me how to make good political relations, and I have taken every advantage, not only with the royals. I write to you in deepest confidence when I tell you of how I have learned of a new power growing in France, a group believing in liberalism. I cannot say I am not intrigued by this prospect, papa. I have worked on developing a reputation for myself as a headstrong, passionate, beautiful young woman, so that if this “revolution” they speak of does happen, papa, I will have gained allies. It has been working, why, I heard William Pitt say ‘This woman would be able to close the gates of hell’. Being in the center of France’s politics has done wonders for me.

Oh, I must say I think it will happen, this “revolution”, and how this excites me! The prospect of equality, or less power to the royals (though to be honest I do not mind the royals having power, as they do have the prettiest gowns and best food, papa). La meilleur part? My dear husband, Jean Fontenay, has always been a cowardly man, and the thought of on overthrow of power simply terrifies him! I believe that he would flee as far as his short, fat legs could take him if one happened.

Another confession, papa. As much as I detest my husband having affairs at every opportunity, I cannot claim to be totally innocent myself in that matter. Can you blame me, though? I prefer to think of these as “business arrangements”. Men will do anything for you, including telling you whatever information you wish, if you learn how to deal with them. It does not hurt to include a bit of diversity in partners, especially from my husband. Young women must amuse themselves.

I will write to you soon, papa, with news of the changes in France.

Avec amour,
Therese Cabbarus