And so, we have reached the 6th post of in-depth! Can it be? WARNING: This post will be pretty picture and video filled.
I am pleased to say that my project has been making huge strides since my last post, I’ve been to three trapeze classes and two silks classes, and I am quite surprised at the amount of improvement. A couple things I have learned along the way:

1. Do not wear short or tank tops unless you want serious rope/silk burn
2. Expect everyone at the classes to be about 10 times better then you at everything
3. You will fall. A lot. And that’s okay.
4. Age doesn’t matter. 40 or 14, everyone learns the same
5. Don’t be surprised to find large bruises and red marks on your knees, shoulder, shins, elbows and hands. Expect to be sore everywhere, too.

Before I forget, here’s a quick video from my intro to circus class of me on the trampoline. It’s just the pick and split jump, but hey, it’s not bad:   Trampoline- Pike and Split

My classes have been going really well, though. My trapeze class has four people including me in total, all of whom are in their early thirties, but since we have only one swinging trapeze, each of us gets to go up on it twice per class, but in between we help each other get on. We have a couple static trapeze bars to practice moves on, but it’s very different up in the air. Trapeze is my favorite so far, even though you get tired REALLY quickly. Like, tired when you’re just climbing up to the bar. Upper-body strength is NOT my forte.For silks, I’ve learned about 7 poses on the bar, plus climbing, swinging, proper mounting (which has about five steps and three different poses) and dismounting (in which you back flip off, which is pretty cool). I got wraps for my feet, which are kind of like a sticky tensor bandage that goes all the way up your shins. They are VERY helpful.

My poses are:

  • Bird’s nest:  one foot on each rope and hands in the middle, and arching your back
  • Robin’s nest: both feet on one rope, on hand on the bar, arcing your back
  • 1st pike: part of mounting, where you hold onto the bar with both hands, swing your feet underneath it and straighten your legs, then hook your knees on the bar
  • 2nd pike: swing your hands onto the ropes and extend your legs over your head, pulling your body onto to bar
  • Front half angel: one foot on the rope and the other hand on the other side of the bar, other foot extended and pointed down
  • Back half angel: same as front, but your hanging foot is behind you
  • Fallen Angel: both feet wrapped around one rope, no hands
  • Ankle stand: one foot behind each rope, hanging upside-down with no hands

To get a sense of how high the trapeze is:


All of my videos are too long to post, but I’m going to try and fix and post them this weekend.

As for silks, it’s going pretty well. There are only two of us in the class, and the other girl is extremely good, but hey, I’m trying. I’ve learned 4 poses, 2 pullovers and a dismount, which is harder then you’d think. My four poses are:


IMG_4536 IMG_4537 IMG_4539




IMG_4545 IMG_4546 IMG_4548



Pullovers are much harder, because you are basically pulling your whole body through a loop using only your arms. A back pullover is easier, because you can lean inside the knot, but a Front Pullover involves you pulling your legs above your head using only your hands into a loop that higher then you are tall. Pretty hard.

My full routine videos are too long to post here (I’m going to see if I can split them up and maybe post them over the weekend) but here is a video of my doing a straddle dismount, and a back pullover:

Back Pullover

Straddle Dismount

So that’s it for embarrassing media . . oh wait, it isn’t. Because here I present to you *drumroll please* . . . MY FINAL FLEXIBILITY PROJECT!

This one, I decided to do *shudders* THE SPLITS. Now, I really suck at splits, but seeing as I have to do them in both silks and trapeze, it might be nice to get some practice. So here they are: center, left and right. (Please don’t judge me)



So, that’s it until this weekend, where you will get to see me majestically try and fail in a lot of different ways and positions. Can’t believe there’s only a month left . . . see you then!