My dear Papa,

You will not believe the outrage that has happened! I, Theresa, have been imprisonned by these foul revolutoinaries! Like a common criminal! That- that horrid man, Rosbipeierre and his gang, have decided that being born an aristocrat is a crime! A crime!. As if it was my choice to be born with a high status (if it was my choice, I would have chosen aristocracy, though. Being a queen is far too dangerous, have you heard of poor Marie Antoinette?). This prison is horrible, much too dirty for someone of my rank, and I’m sure these guards are even reading my letters.

Have you heard the news of the king, papa? As much as I am sympathetic, I must admit he had it coming. Those rumors of the locked chest, papa? In this country, traitors are not welcome. Even if he wasn’t necessarily plotting with them, even a correspondence is dangerous.

Still, I remain hopeful papa. I still remain my childishly vain self as I remark that my looks have not been overlooked here. You did teach me how to use the situation to my advantage. with any luck, I will escape and be more powerful than ever. If I do not, then I fear the guillotine may be my end. If that is to come true, know that I love you, papa.

Your loving daughter,


Le 9 d’Octobre, 1791