22 August 1805

My dear Papa,

Many things have happened since I wrote to you last, but I can say with great relief that the Revolution is over. The overturn of FRance has come to an end, and I can continue with my life.

I was arrested a second time, papa, this time being seen as a threat to the altruistic power of Robespierre, but not all bad came from that event. I found my friend Josephine, married my husband Thermidor Tallien, and together we banded to oust Robespierre. I must admit I had a large part in that papa, ¬†with a certain letter delivered at the right time. I was liberated, and using his power I freed many prisoners, not wanting anyone to suffer through what I suffered. I gained myself the title of “Lady of the Thermidor”, as I was the most likely to intervene on behalf of the detained. Would you believe that you little daughter once had a month named after her? With the horrid Robespierre, my enemy, gone, and Josephine married off to a man most powerful, Tallien’s power waned and I found myself distancing from him. We divorced, papa, and I spent my years gaining reputation and status, evolving into a pinnacle of social grace. (I am still a vain child inside, papa)

Today I marry Francois, the Prince of Chimay, and reclaim my true status. With my enemies dead and my connections to that horrid revolution finally severed, now I can go on with my life, papa. I hope france will remember me for my good works, my intervention for prisoners. France has not seen the last of me yet.

Avec amour,

Theresa, Princess du Chimay.