Tick, tick, tick . . . IT’S IN-DEPTH NIGHT ALREADY? WHAT?

That’s my general attitude right now. I can’t believe that in-depth is over, when it seems like yesterday I started. I’m amazed at the amount of improvement when technically I have only been doing trapeze for 4 hours and silks for 3.

For my learning center, I was hoping to originally do a demonstration, but getting silks or trapeze into the MPR would be impossible. I am toying with the idea of getting a rope in the gym to climb and teach other to climb, but given gyk space and such, it might be hard.

My plan is to have a computer, which is going to have a video of my on the trapeze on a loop, so people can see how it actually works.  I’m going to decorate a poster board to look like a circus tent, see if I can get some nice gauzy fabric to create a tent effect. I’m going to cover it all with photos of me on silks, trapeze, unicycle and such, and the only words I plan to have on there is instructions on how to juggle,  and some juggling balls on the table so people can practice. I have a diablo, which is the rubber hourglass figure on a string with teo poles, and I plan to bring that out to  complete the effect. I’ll also have my flexibility projects up.

I’ll need a table, but not much else, seeing as I’m not too choosy on location. That’s about it for my elarning center