Wow, a serious title for tonight. You can tell I mean business.

So, my classes are officially over. In order to prepare and document my last days, I rented some cameras from the school, taught my mom how to use multiple shot, and essentially took thousands of photos. I’m trying to do a fancy tech thing with them for in-depth night, and seeing as I basically have until in-depth night to do it, I should be good.

My last class went pretty well. We had the most people we’ve ever had in a class, since it’s normally me, Brad, and Chloe. Today, we had Mikayla and Nara too, so things went a bit slower. Scott usually has me warm up with my angel sequence, and I have now perfected the Bird’s Nest in the Ropes move, which is a serious point of pride for me. I worked on my Plank position, another move I had first learned in silks, and and then this move which, to be honest, I have no clue what it’s called. The only thing I know is that its hard, and I could do it for about ten seconds. It’s pretty similar to the Lune, but with a different hand position.

Some of the concepts me and my mentor have discussed are “in the ropes” which is a specific type of moves which only use the ropes, not the swing. Another one is the concept of art in trapeze, since it is a performance based sport. Tricks are one thing, but to actually string them together into a performance is something else entirely.

Some alternatives we’ve discussed are taking another course, like silks or static trapeze, that could add to my skills while trying new things.