home of katherine, queen of hell

“Dear diary, The world is hell. Unjust and cruel. I had found love. Her name was Marie and she was sweet as the meadows of my home. I would have married her. But alas her parents didn't approve of my Metis blood and broke it off. I was heartbroken. My law career seems cold and dark, so I abandoned my dreams. As I worked at my new jobs I wrote many poems about her and how much I loved her but she would not have me back. Alas, this new tragedy has only increased my hate for the white man. I hear of changes coming, the white men entering Metis land. That is what irks me the most, that they disrespect our cultures and our rules because we do not assimilate to their ideals. They believe we need a government when we have ruled ourselves for many years, without problem!! My hometown of Red River is next on the list. I have chosen to visit there within the next months, since the city dulls me and drives me home. There is talks of surveys in the lands, a most worrying fact. WE do not holds claims to our lands as the pale ones do. If they attempt to take it from us, I have no doubt we will retaliate with force. Seeing as war is the only language these whitefaces seem to understand. The nuns told me I was too "unpredictable" and "moody" to be a priest. Might as well put those to good use now.”

– Diary of Louis Riel: Teenage Minx to YA Jinx

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