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The Internet Adventures of Louis Riel

Tweets:   Geez, can every one chill about their white problems for a second an focus on the REAL victims? #teenageangst #metisproblems #talonsconfed — Louis Riel (@katherinetalons) March 25, 2015 #whitepeople need to get their own land. Red River is Metis property! #talonsconfed #sowhiteitsacrackerbox — Louis Riel (@katherinetalons) March 25, 2015 @TalonsVanessaG @MinlynC White men only take land. They believe that have the rights to everything. They cannot be trusted… Read More

Louis Riel’s Final Address

People of the Metis, hear me! It has been two years. Two years have I watched my settlement be ground to dust. Two years since we have been overrun by the nationalistic, racist, religious views of the white men who have come to stay. Two years since they! joined as a country, and cut us off. Unity, protection, better resources for all, and a chance to be free! That was.. Read More