People of the Metis, hear me!

It has been two years. Two years have I watched my settlement be ground to dust. Two years since we have been overrun by the nationalistic, racist, religious views of the white men who have come to stay. Two years since they! joined as a country, and cut us off. Unity, protection, better resources for all, and a chance to be free! That was their offer. Look around. How ahs that worked for you?

My people, I know your fears. I know we do not own the claim to this land in the way the white men want. You fear their surveys, of them taking what is yours.But fear not.

My father’s legacy was one of freeing one man, a single Metis from prison; a single move that lead you to respect him. but that will not be mine!

My legacy will be of freeing a people. A nation that has been too long oppressed, and ignored. They tell me my pleas have been heard a thousand times before, but is that not that point? It has been too long, too long since our land was taken from us, our languages, our rightful place. Do you think the government will listen to us? They think us a joke.

But hear me now. You will not see us until it is too late.