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Haiku, Haikme, Haikus, Haikthem

You guessed it, more bad poetry from me that I wrote at 2 am. Enjoy.

Rainfall on the ground

Unaware of tears that fall

Mingling water

Well-worn paths of hard

Pressed dirt, work-boots so heavy

Weary from the day

Abstract art and minds

Difference between beauty

And those who are lost

Finish what you star-

ted they told me, yet I can’t

Move another inch

Poetry in Motion (yes, incredibly cliched title, I’m aware.)

So, I’ve been told we are allowed to post non-TALONS related things here, and a new interest of mine happens to be poetry, so voila! Poetry post!

Thanks to Jaime, Emma and Lyle’s wonderful poetry group, I’ve actually started writing a lot more poetry then previously imgained. I’m currently working on two longer ones for the next Youth Slam (which I may post at a later date), but until then, have these lovely haikus. Yes, the last one is sarcastic.

I am the tiger

Scars are the stripes on my skin

Screaming silent roars

Winter’s chill creep in

Cocooning me in blankets

To emerge in spring

Marks on the sidewalk

Each scuff telling a story

Your imprint today

Bird and plane can fly

I cannot fly therefore I

Am not bird or plane