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Eminent Commences

Our first “big” project of the year has arrived: Eminent Person! Is it bad that I’m torn between jumping with joy and locking myself in my room?

Anyway, I’ve decided to do Queen Kristina of Sweden for my eminent person.

Kristina is best known by a different name: the Girl King. When she was born, she was predicted to be a boy, and when she was a girl, her father refused to change the “prince” to “princess” on her birth certificate. He raised her as a son, and when he died when she was six, she was named successor to the throne. She refused to take her vows as queen, and instead took the ones for a king. She rode like a man, studied politics and philosophy with a passion, and refused to live a “proper” feminine lifestyle. She refused to marry and eventually abdicated the throne to her cousin, because she wanted to become a Roman Catholic and wanted to save her country from the scandal.

I’m hoping that by studying Kristina, I can understand and be inspired by how brave and courageous she was, and how intelligent an capable of running a country at the age of eighteen. I’m hoping she can teach me about self-respect and individuality.


Words for Thought

First post on the new blog!

The assignment for today was to pick one word that describes you, something you strive for or something important in you life. I was pretty excited for this assignment, seeing as I had found my word within the first minute of the assignment: Open. Now, I was somewhat discouraged by my choice of word when I saw some of the lovely, poetic, deep words my friends had chosen. But I stick by my word.

Now, open is a simple word, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest. Being “open” implies having a completely open mind to all ideas, which is hard enough in itself. When you have a really good idea, your first instinct is that your idea is best and everyone should listen to it. Surprisingly enough, other people get that feeling too. It’s hard to admit that others might have better ideas and accepting them.

Being “open” also requires an open body and spirit. You have to try new things, be adventurous, be open to things that scare the heck out of you. This can sound like a good thing, but you would be surprised how difficult it can be.  I am naturally a person who sticks to the comfort and regularity of life. Being asked to go out and just be totally out of your comfort zone is terrifying.

Third, and the hardest one for me, is just being open to people. Going up and talking to someone I don’t know. Being totally honest and yourself when you meet someone for the first time. Going up to people in groups.Being open to other’s views even though they may not be open to yours.

“Be open!” seems a fairly weird way to sign off, but seeing as I haven’t found an awesome catch phrase yet, that’s what I’m going to use.